Video Presentation of “Your Perfect Wedding”

An essential part of a wedding, only a video can capture the sights, sounds and emotions of that special day so treasured moments can be relived again and again. Profile Productions’ A Hawaiian Style Wedding division has mastered the art of capturing those moments… and from start to finish, our experienced staff is at your service.

  • Winner of Emmy and Pro Sound News awards, plus other various music and variety awards, featured in articles in EQ and Film & Video magazines, mainland clients include: Disney, CBS, NBC, ABC Wild World of Sports, Warner Bros, Columbia, Paramount, and numerous musical performers and groups.
  • Our 30 years of experience in Hollywood on sitcoms, dramas, documentaries, talk and variety shows help family and friends feel like they were actually at the wedding!
  • The goal is to provide exquisite memories of that special day… a treasured family heirloom to be enjoyed forever.
  • Each “Love Story” is produced using state-of-the-art digital technology and equipment, including non-linear editing.
  • On-site expertise ensures that not one moment of this once-in-a-lifetime experience (both planned and spontaneous!) is missed.

"I can't believe how many times the Groom will tell me he "can't believe how hard I work". I am flattered that he has noticed. Often photographers tell me that also. It is really great when people I am working for as well as the ones I am working with appreciate my hard work. I do my best to not only meet but to exceed all expectations with every wedding couple I work with.

Filming is just the tip of the iceberg - the real magic takes place in editing. Elaine and her staff ooze creativity and go way beyond the call of duty spending a lot of time and effort to bring together the most amazing story of your wedding day." Larry LaSota

We have become the benchmark for all other wedding videographers because of the caliber of the work we do. Please take a few minutes and look at the sample video clips below as well as other clips throughout the site.


VIDEO PACKAGES:We offer four packages to suit your needs. You may also add segments from our Extras page. It would be impossible to list ALL of the wedding services we offer. What follows is a brief summary of each package. If you have a particular request, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Masterpiece Video: If I Only Had To Do It Once:
This is our signature package.

  • Twelve hours of camera coverage, covering, bride and groom getting ready, pre-ceremony, ceremony, beauty shots and reception. (Two cameras for six hours).
  • Multiple locations
  • "Your Love Story" (which can be done ahead of time and shown at the reception)
  • Photo montage of 10 childhood and dating pictures.
  • Photo montage of 10 of your favorite honeymoon pictures.
  • Two cameras during the ceremony.
  • Full reception coverage.
  • Deluxe edited version of the complete event.
  • Three completed videos delivered as Deluxe DVD with multiple feature menus and chapters.
  • Three copies of "Our Wedding Day Highlights." This is an edited basic DVD for friends and casual watching (approximately 15 minutes long).

The Classic Video: If My Friends Could See Me Now:
  • Six hours of wedding day coverage, covering, bride and groom getting ready, pre-ceremony, ceremony, beauty shots and reception. (We recommend two cameras for three hours).
  • Two locations if needed.
  • Photo montage of 10 childhood and dating pictures.
  • Two cameras during the ceremony.
  • Extended reception coverage.
  • Completed video delivered as Deluxe DVD with multiple feature menus and chapters.
  • : Movie Script Click Here
The Keepsake Video: The Special Moments Captured

  • Three hours of wedding day coverage covering: pre-ceremony, ceremony, beauty shots and reception.
  • Two cameras during the ceremony. (One camera for everything else).
  • Photo montage of 6 childhood and dating pictures.
  • Partial reception coverage.
  • Completed video delivered as one Deluxe DVD with feature menus and chapters.
The Intimate Video: Just The Two Of Us:
  • Two hours wedding day coverage with one camera covering: prequel, ceremony, post-ceremony
  • Completed video delivered as basic DVD approximately 20-25 minutes.
  • This is the package we recommend to couples on a budget! It’s the basics: It includes: Prequel, ceremony, post-ceremony vignettes, romantic and dramatic recap set to multiple music tracks.

Please call toll free at 866-481-8825 or email us at info@kauaiweddingvideos.com
for more information and prices on our packages. We will help to custom tailor the projects to your needs. The options below can help you with other ideas to add to your lifetime memory.

Check out our Wedding Extras for additional ideas on how to personalize your wedding video.

Extra Camera Coverage
Additional Locations
Deluxe DVD

Extra DVD's
VHS copies
Wedding Highlight Short

Love Story

Photo Montage

Monkey Cam Segment

Music Video segment

Your Footage
$350 per hour
$300 (with multiple feature menus and chapters)
$400 (Edited to 15 minutes on DVD for friends and casual viewing)

$50 (includes first 6 pictures, $5 for each additional picture)
$400 (We provide a camera to a "responsible guest" and edit their footage)
20% off our regular music video rates

We can edit and insert your own video footage from you growing
up or from your honeymoon. The cost for this varies depending
upon the quality of the footage we receive, and how much editing
is required. As a rough guide it will be approximately $250 for
each 30 minutes of raw footage.
Premium Delivery ** $150-700

** Every wedding receives the same attention to quality, detail, uniqueness, and our commitment to reflect the personalities of the couple and the events of their wedding day, while providing an entertaining and romantic video. Because of that personal attention, we do not and will not rush the editing process. Please allow 8-16 weeks (or even longer) after the wedding for delivery of the video.

“We have a reception on the mainland. How can we receive their video more quickly?”

We do offer Premium Delivery, which means that your video will be the next one to be edited. The timing and cost varies according to the size of the wedding, the quickness of the turnaround, and the current editing schedule. Since Premium Delivery moves a wedding to the top of the editing schedule, this means that the editors work overtime, nights and weekends in order to meet the deadline and still keep to the regular editing schedule. A couple may expect to pay between $150-$700 for Premium Delivery. Let us know immediately if you need to schedule Premium Delivery

All services are subject to Hawaii State Sales Tax and shipping charges.


The WEVA Difference

As members of the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA), Profile Productions is dedicated to capturing the planned events, as well as the spontaneous moments that are unique to every wedding. With today’s rapid changes in digital video, professional videographers must constantly update their skills, techniques, and technology. As a WEVA member, Profile Productions adheres to industry standards and is dedicated to continuing education that improves the quality of our work and our ability to meet your needs in a professional manner.

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